Leadership Search

Leadership Search

Decrypting Leadership Attributes for hiring market makers and thought leaders

Business Landscape

Leadership objectives range from innovation and growth to motivating teams and addressing inorganic growth. Building thought leadership, gaining share, and growing the pie are a given.

The last few years has seen more disruption than the decade before. New business models emerge as threats to traditional businesses. This disruption is compelling leadership to evolve. Most organizations look for executives with a proven capability to lead in a disruptive VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity) environment. This has become a significant ask.

Identifying and attracting flexible and innovative talent requires a rigorous approach. An organization must assess an executives’ ability to be successful in specific roles and deal with future uncertainties. It also involves gauging the dynamics of business in light of market forces, regulatory changes, growth opportunities, and high cost environments.

We combine deep industry and functional knowledge with a proven executive search and assessment methodology to help you identify leaders

CECE Framework

The fact is that we are living in a disruptive world. Tech adoption integrated with AI and ML amidst market volatility and regulations is the norm. And that has a huge ramification on how an organizations functions. This in turn impacts their key leadership’s style, capabilities and adaptability.

As a business solutions firm, we help you navigate through this. We help define critical and unique roles with skills of the future. We find the right leader that fit in behaviourally, technically and culturally. A leader that can steer the organization through haziness and uncertainty while catalyzing its people.

And find you the right leader; we use our proven and adaptable CECE (Competence, Experience, Culture and Emotion) Framework. It holistically aligns and calibrates a potential leader’s background, experience, values & capabilities to the Organization’s ask. It helps establish the right synergies and fit.

Most enterprises focus on a leader’s capability to focus on short to midterm goals. They also focus on how well would they execute. However, studies have proven that emotional quotient and an ability to quickly weave into the organizations fabric are equally important. Most leaders fail because of their inability to adjust and adapt to cultures, dynamics and changing environments. A leader must be aligned and cohesive with the environment.

Our Point of View

At Corner Office Advisors – Leadership Search Practice, we help bring onboard, top-tier current and future leader. Leaders’ aligned to your organization and business imperatives. Leaders’ who can accelerate business and change while building thought leadership.

Using our scientific and research driven approach, we help align a potential leader’s experience & capabilities to the organization’s ask. We find the right balance that calibrates competence, culture and values.

Our network includes several CEOs, current and potential board directors, Indian and global business management executives, corporate leaders across several industries. Our core focus is on

  • Execute Top tier executive and board appointments
  • Support mid-sized to large Indian and global brandsto identify business and corporate leaders
  • Help improve diversity
  • Transition returning Indians and expatriates

Some of the sectors we specialise in are

  • Professional Services – Advisory, Consulting, M&A
  • Emerging Technology – Digital, AI/Analytics
  • Indian Conglomerates including promoter driven environments
  • Global Brands – India Market Entry, Growth Investments